Brain Dominance and Local Government Performance in Negros Oriental, Philippines

Philner P. Salindo


This study aims to understand the thought patterns of officials in Local Government Units, through the investigation of their brain dominance and how their dominant brain quadrants translate into the overall performance of the LGUs that they administer and govern. The data were collected through survey and documentary research of the Local Government Performance Management System (LGPMS) rating in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Results exhibited that there are no significant relationships between brain dominance and level of performance of LGUs in the following areas: Administrative, Economic, Social and Valuing Fundamentals of Governance. A significant relationship between brain dominance and level of performance of LGUs in the area of Environmental Governance was found. It concluded that the optimum level of performance of the LGUs depends on how the LGU officials maximized the four brain quadrants. Thus, there is a need to capacitate the LGU officials to maximize their capability in leading their LGUs to the future.

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