The Relationship between the Leader Behavior of Immediate Superior and the Psychological Contract Violation as Perceived by Frontline Sales Personnel during an Organizational Change

Emmanuel Melendez Ozoa, Chizanne Sarabia-Larena


This study examined the relationship between the Consideration Leader Behavior (CLB) of the immediate superiors and the perceived psychological contract violation (PPCV) of Filipino frontline sales personnel. CLB is a set of relationship-oriented behavior which is comparable to Jocano’s (1999) concept of leaders as Gabay. Pearson PMCC was used to test the relationship between the Leader Behavior and PPCV of the immediate superiors of the 74 frontline sales personnel of the Coca-Cola FEMSA Negros Region. Result shows the respondents view their leaders to have high consideration and initiating structure leader behaviors. The respondents have neutral perception with regards to psychological contract violation. Moreover, a negative relationship exists between the leader behavior of immediate superiors and the level of perceived psychological contract violation of the respondents. The findings of this study imply that a superior’s degree of manifestation of consideration leader behavior is linked to the level of PPCV of their members.

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