Gender Differences in the Work Values of Filipino College Students

Ian Ibanez Llenares, Joey M. Dela Cruz, Marjorie Espanola


One way to understand future workforce behavior is to examine the work values. Work values imply individual career development and work performance. In this study, the role of gender on work values of college students has been examined. Using the Filipino Work Values Scale, 400 full-time college students (200 males, 200 female), aged 18 to 26 years old, enrolled in engineering, teacher education, business education, and information technology education degree programs were randomly selected in the study. Independent samples Mann-Whitney U test was utilized to compare gender and work values. Results showed that college students have moderate to weak work values among the ten work values subscales. Gender differences in work values were noted on intellectual-achievement, material, and variety. This study generates helpful insights for developing gender-sensitive career counseling services.


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