Comparative Analysis of Grade Nine Students’ Performance in Scientific Measurement in the Three Types of Written Tests

Eliseo Perante Marpa


Students perceived scientific measurement as one of the most challenging topics in almost all sciences. Thus, the researcher conducted a study on the comparative analysis of performance in scientific measurement of the grade nine students in the three types of tests, such as without learning aid, with formulas and conversion factors, and with formulas, conversion factors, and calculator. To address this problem, the researcher used a descriptive-comparative method utilizing the developed research instrument administered to the 43 participants. The findings of the study revealed that the level of performance in the scientific measurement of the students in the three types of tests is high. However, obtained mean scores show that the highest mean was in the third type of test. This type allows students to use formulas, conversion factors, and a calculator. When grouped according to gender, girls obtained the highest mean consistently in the three types of tests compared to boys. Furthermore, the study reflected a significant difference between the three types of tests. However, when grouped according to gender, boys and girls differ significantly in the first and third type of test only. These findings indicate that grade nine students have mastery of scientific measurement; however, girls perform better than boys in the first and third types of tests. Likewise, the study shows that the use of a calculator improves performance in finding out the correct answer to the problem. The study recommends that technology such as calculator, computers, and the like should be used in the classroom for these help students acquire computational and word problem-solving skills.

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